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AuriQ System is data analytic company founded in 1996.

It is a combination of Auric (gold) + IQ ( Intelligence quotient ).

Big data contain thousands of valuable data, however it is difficult to find as you are mining a gold in the mountain canyon river. More than 200 global enterprises including Epson, Disney, Honda, and Fuji-Film have chosen AuriQ solutions to power their business. Previous design was difficult to read each letters and AuriQ is already a uncommon word.  Most commonly people pronounce  AuriO instead of AuriQ .

For this project, we had four challenges.  

  1. Easy to read
  2. Clear message
  3. Recognize the mark from any size and distance
  4. Interactive and intuitive design

I made a several different approaches and the solution we end up was to create the symbol represent the company purposes. Find a valuable data.  

The symbol have 4 purposes.

  1. Letter IQ (intellegence quotient)
  2. Found a valueable data
  3. Big Data = Maze
  4. We are technological company

Study and Research

Design aspects

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